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Trade Help! Fair Offer?


Giving: D. Murray, D. Henry, A. Theilen

Getting: M. Evans, J. White

I’m trying to acquire Evans.

My other RBs are Gordon, Buck Allen, Duke Johnson

My other WRs are Jordy, Pryor, Tyreke, Cupp


the offer is fair. you are taking a dip in running to take an increase in receiving. murray and henry you can count as 1 basically, so titans backfield for evans is fair. theilen is super dependent on bad defenses and sam bradford. james white is dependent on game scripts, but i have a sneaking feeling he will be the new “edelman” of sorts. so i think you actually win there. only problem is, your team is already pretty balanced between RB and WR. this trade will tilt you a bit. you will haave a KILLER WR core, but your run game will be very dependent on game scripts. played well though, could be a stunning team.