Trade help fc!

I give: Z. Ertz, M. Gordon, D. Johnson
I recieve: G. Kittle, S. Diggs.


Which D Johnson? Theres 3 of them, and it changes the answer in each scenario,

David. I’d smack the other person next time i see them
Diontae I tell em no
Duke, I’d consider it.

It’s Diontae. But thanks man, very helpful advice. My team is:

QB: J. Allen, T. Brady.
RB: David Johnson, D. Cook, M. Gordon, D. Swift.
WR: J. Jones, T. McLaurin, W. Fuller, J. Crowder, Diontae Johnson, A. Miller.
TE: Z. Ertz

Need help with a trade PPR
Trade away James Conor & Malcom Brown for AJ Green?

QB: Rodgers
RB: D.Henry, Chubb,Swift
WR:Cupp, Moore, Slayton, Keenan, Chark

I wouldn’t.