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Trade Help - Fitz/Allen


Trade Help! My Fitz for his Keenan Allen! I like Allen better but worried about injury.

PPR league, 3 WRs. My other receivers are Green, Diggs, Martavis, Ginn and Matthews


I’d do it. An ACL and ruptured spleen are freak injuries, not signs of an injury prone player. I’d be at least as concern about injury with a 34 y/o WR.


An ACL is not a freak injury and once it has been torn it is never the same.

I wouldn’t make the move until after week 1. I mean with your bench you really don’t need to make any moves so soon. Why not see what you have first.


I would do the trade. Allen offers a lot more upside and if he were to get injured, you still have a solid receiver corps. I don’t know how much longer fitz/palmer would keep going at their ages.


Alright so I know Allen has upside, but Larry is bank for 1000 Yds and some TDs. Personally I think he gets over 150 targets this year because of John Brown’s issues, and the lack of Floyd.

What if…Allen goes down week 1. Then you lose all value. I will always take the risk of someone living up to their ADP than someone with the risk of not playing at all.


I understand what you’re saying, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying Larry is Bank for 1000 yards. Larry and Palmer being 34 and 37 only shows decline is to come. Palmer was not great last year and I don’t expect him to get any better at 37 years old. It’s definitely a risk to take to get Allen but you are possibly getting a wr1 for what I think would be a wr2/3. That’s why i lean toward doing the trade.


@Guiness, I’m sorry, but that just isn’t true anymore. It certainly used to be, but plenty of guys have come back and looked every bit as good as they did pre-injury. The biggest concern after a torn ACL is a loss of explosion, and even that has been overcome by more than a few players. Allen was never a particularly explosive player, and has looked really good in the off season. Now, I’m not saying there’s no risk at all, because there is. There are still players who struggle to come back, but they’re often older guys, bigger guys, and guys who rely on athleticism. To say there’s significantly more risk with Allen than there is with a 34 y/o WR, to me is just false. Account for the fact that Fitz’ upside is virtually non-existent (side note, bit sure how a 34 y/o slot receiver is a lock for anything), as opposed to Allen’s, which is quite high, and this becomes an easy call for me.


Part of the reason I am hesitant is he is my week 1 opponent. Fitz has a nice matchup against the Lions where as Allen has a bad matchup against the Broncos.

Would this change your opinion? I’m thinking I might wait a week but if Allen blows up then my opportunity would be missed


It wouldn’t change mine much. I don’t think we can just assume Denver is as terrible a matchup as they have been. They no longer have Ware, TJ Ward, or Shane Ray (retire, cut, IR, respectively). They still have two really good corners, which is a legit concern, but it’s just one game, and Allen has put good corners in a blender before. I also don’t expect the Broncos to do much on offense, which give the SD offense more opportunities. I’d personally still pull the trigger.


@DFWB, I played Soccer through collage and saw guys with ACL tears. You will never run the same, ever. Read up on what the actual surgery entails.

They are not joke, plus I disagree with Allen not playing with explosion. Even Roto calls him explosive…he plays violent with hard cuts and looks for contact. I think his play style is why he has those injuries.

We will have to see on Fitz, but if there is a guy that takes better care of his body than him I would love to hear about it.


@Guinness we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one. There are too many examples of guys who have come back just fine. I’d suspect NFL players probably get better treatment (includong rehab) than the average NCAA soccer player, but that’s just a guess because I don’t have direct experience with either.


Fair enough, and yeah they do get better treatment for recovery.