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TRADE HELP! Footclann!


Should I trade Drake for Jarvis?

Current team is:



Corey Davis


Need a win this week so either Jarvis or Drake will be in for my FLEX… please advise!


id keep drake if I were you


Ya I’ve been down on Jarvis this year, and the new turmoil definitely doesn’t help. I’m on board for Drake.


Just worried about Drake being consistent. But I guess Juice hasnt been very consistent either


That’s a fair worry.

Looking at the past 3 weeks though (half ppr):
Drake has averaged 15.66 pts/week with an average deviation of 5.44 (lower the better for consistency)
Jarvis has averaged 10.23 pts/week with an average deviation of 6.97


My other big concern, is playoff schedule. Jarvis gets Carolina, Denver, and Cincy… which is not great. But Drake gets NE, Minn, and JAX… Yikes


And my league is full PPR. Probably affects these two similarly


Honestly Jacksonville isn’t as scary as they were last year, and they just traded away Dante Fowler. Wouldn’t worry too much.


NE and Minn though? Probably semi-big games for all of them. Idk maybe im just sleeping on Drake


I think those games would affect Gore more so than a pass catching back like Drake. Not that I’d ever consider putting Gore in my lineup, but I don’t think it affects pass catching backs as much.