Trade help for 1-4 team

I’m 1-4 and I feel like I need to make some last effort to save this team. this is my team right now is.
(Brisett, picking Siemian back up)
M Thomas
J Howard
Griffin (might pick up kittle)
Jets D
D Foreman
Luck (IR)
Good trade?

I’m 1-3

Jordan Howard
Willie Snead
Danny Amendola

Antonio Brown
Marshawn Lynch

Any hope? Or is my season over :frowning:

It seems hopeless at this point

Lmfao what. Yes, do that trade, and no it’s not hopeless - your team would become insane, it’s also not bad as it is now.

I know but I’ve lost 4 straight. You trust marshawn? Seems like he’s in a committee now. Any other opinions?

Your team is fine, i dont trust marshawn that much, but hunt lynch and cohen are pretty solid options all together. Your wrs would be insane, and you would have three difference makers (thomas, hunt, and brown) on your team. And maybe you could even package your rbs or an rb and a wr for doug martin or something. You are fine, trust me.

I’m way too indecisive right now lmao. Ok I guess I’m accepting? What do you think about Howard? I feel like game flow hurts him too much but. Trubisky looked solid tonight. Howard could be an RB1.

Also I don’t get the COhen hype he doesn’t get too many touches and hasn’t been making an that much of an impact lately. Plus my leagues 16 team standard

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Yeah that’s a deep league plus standard…hmm it might be a tougher decision than I thought. But marshawn should be okay in standard.

Should I still do it though? I think marshawn won’t matter as much when I have 3 extremely high ceiling guys in Thomas, Brown and Hunt. C

Howard and lynch are similar in ways. Both have good lines, both are hard runners, and both do not have the best aupporting roles in qb and wr (at least until carr is back). I think you can go ahead snd make the trade. Also, amendola won’t be all that in a non ppr, especially when gronk comes back.

Anyways Amendola would be on my bench and I have Funchess who has come on in a big way

Thanks for the help I have been unsure about why to do with this trade for a couple days now.


found helpful info by reading through posts. thanks too. i’m a newbie and i’m having a medical condition which is making it hard for me to learn but i’m still looking forward into learning and making new friends. thanks for everything guys!

Who do you think I should package to get martin. The martin owner is weak in WR. I was thinking marshawn and Funchess for martin

I think marshawn and funchess would be great for you if he accepted.

He accepted :wink:

Comeback time baby