Trade help for a playoff bound team

Trying to move Ajayi. I want to get Brees and Michael Thomas (if possible) because I really like them for the playoffs. Can someone help me formulate a trade in which I give Ajayi and maybe another piece for brees and maybe thomas? Mostly focused on Brees because I’d like to have at least one QB i can trust week to week. FYI It’s a full pt ppr, 6 pt td scoring, i’m sitting in 2nd place at 6-1 (soon to be 7-1, I’m playing the guy with brees, and he’s 0-7) in an 8 man league. My leagues playoffs are only weeks 15 and 16. All insight is appreciated and in the screenshot all players that are not grayed out are starting.The first picture is my roster and the second pic is his roster.

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Here’s my team idk why it didn’t work

Perhaps Ajayi Theilen Buck Allen for Brees and Thomas? Might need to offer Thomas or Baldwin to pull off the deal