Trade help for a WR

I am in a standard 10 person league and have a trade offer:
I get;
Jameis Winston
Keenan Allen
and send him
Jay Ajayi
Stefon Diggs

What do you think?
my Qbs are Rodger and Taylor
and my other WR are Hilton Kearse and Tate

Other RBs?

Right now I’m leaning no… As I think Keenan has a good second have of the year and I think tyrod will be about the same QB as Winston rest of year. Tyrods schedule is so soft…

I honestly dont think this is a good trade for you. I like Diggs for Allen straight up for the rest of the year, but you do not need another QB Taylor is pretty good, and worst case scenario you can stream a QB week to week. Ajayi has to come into his own at this point.

I would lean towards doing it just because I think Ajayi is very volatile with the O line not doing him any good. And to top iit off who knows if Diggs will ever be fully healthy again this year.

my RB s are Hunt, Kamara, Buck Allen, Aaron Jones, and Cohen

Since you have Jones… I’d look to move ajayi for 2 WR… Diggs and WR2/3 or something besides a QB…

Id stand firm with what you have