Trade help for Doug martin

I’m 1-4 16 team standard league.

My team is…
Brisett (Siemian if no one picks him up…)
Antonio Brown
Michael Thomas
Emanuel Sanders
Kareem Hunt
Marshawn Lynch
Ryan Griffin
Mason Crosby
DEF (whoever I decide to stream)

Devin Funchess
Luck (IR)

I was thinking marshawn and Funchess for martin?

I doubt they’d give up martin for that but if he thinks finches is the guy or is a sucker for a big name then you can try. Cohen and sanders may be an option?

Why is everyone still so high on Cohen he is very boom or bust and hasn’t been making much of an impact recently with his minimal touches.

Also it’s a standard league

I’m not saying I’d do that deal. I’d rather keep martin but if you’re trying to get him I think you’d have more luck with Cohen and Sanders than lynch and funchess

Accepted marshawn and Funchess for martin :slight_smile:

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Definitely a steal, nice!

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Shows how much i know! Well played!

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If you can trade any of your bench guys and lynch for Martin, you should do it. He is going to be a stud and the rest are just ok.

He accepted and what do you mean the rest are ok?