Trade Help for getting Lev Bell

10 team full PPR

Guy is willing to trade lev bell. He has weaker receivers. What’s a deal that’s in my favor I can get him to bite on. Maybe RB/WR for Lev

My team:

QB: Newton, Tyrod, Alex Smith
RB: Ajayi, Freeman, Cook, Forte
WR: A Brown, Diggs, Maclin, Ty Williams
TE: Gronk, Bennett

His Team:

QB: Stafford, Rivers, Ben
RB: Bell, Gurley, Lynch, Mixon, Lacy
WR: Hilton, Coleman, Doctson, Mike Wallace
TE: Reed

I’d start out at Ajayi and Maclin and see what he says. If he bites on that then you are golden! I’m not sold yet on Ajayi with his inconsistencies last year

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How good of a season do you see Cook having?

Hes on a team with an incredibly accurate QB, 2 good receivers and good TE. A well balanced offense with what I saw week 1 from him, I say hes going to have a very good year. I confidently put him in my top 12 RBs for the year