Trade help for Taylor

Trying to trade for Jonathan Taylor. I have two trades on the block but looking for something different. Need yall brain power. Its standard scoring league where RBs are king. Everything is an option, but would like to keep Kamara/Jefferson/Brown

Taylor team:
QB: Carr/Cousins
RB: Mixon, Taylor, Williams, Conner, Carson
WR: Devonta Smith, Robinson II, Golladay, Boyd, Parker
TE: Andrews

My team:
QB: Stafford
RB: Kamara, DAvis, Hines, Mitchell, Hubbard
WR: Hollywood Brown, Jefferson, Lockett, Jeudy, Patrick, Sanders

Trader offers right now:
Kamara for Boyd, Conner, Smith
Kamara and jefferson for boyd, Conner, smith, taylor

How do yall rate these trades and how would you adjust them?

Is Stafford/lockett enough for taylor/smith?

Thanks clan

I would not do those trades. You are a week late on Taylor. Going to have to pay too much now.

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