Trade help for zeke and Rodgers please!

Trade Crabtree and d thomas for Rodgers, zeke and dj? .5ppr and im 4-1 and only need to start 2 receivers. Would have garcon, amendola, woods, golladay, sanu and Mike Wallace on bench for wrs. Have bell, hyde, duke and gollman for rbs

If you are confident in making the playoffs, then you’d be near unbeatable with a lineup of Rodgers, Johnson, Elliott, and Bell.

It almost sounds too good to pass up.

You would have to rely heavily on Rodgers and Bell in the meantime (which could both single-handedly win weeks for you). I also personally like Garcon and Amendola in PPR. And Duke has good value and hopefully Hyde still.

I think it’s too good to pass up. I’d probably do it.


Thanks appreciate the advice, that’s exactly my thoughts as well.

He wants Stafford now as well, still do it?

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Yes! Do it now!

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