Trade Help: Give up Hunt for McLaurin?

0.5 ppr redraft 3WR/2RB/2Flex 10 team league

Currently sitting in 3rd at 5-3 with a pretty good chance of making playoffs.

Should I give up Kareem Hunt to first place team for Terry McLaurin?

WR: D Adams, AJ Brown, Diontae Johnson, K Toney, C Ridley
RB: E Elliot, CMC, K Hunt, M Sanders, T Pollard, C Hubbard, D Henry

Thanks so much!

Interesting trade! I think this helps you a lot right now (though not this week with the bye of course), and lets you play 5 WRs and 2 RBs in Zeke and hopefully CMC. I’d be willing to do this trade to get out of the few more weeks of Hunt injury because you need the wins.

It’s like who’s injury do you think isn’t going to return rest of season Hunt or CMC and go with that. I’m not CMC owner so I’m not sure but hunt may not be back to full strength for awhile
If you trust CMC to be back for good make the trade and get Terry