Trade help! Giving up too much?

Full ppr league.

Someone is offering me wentz James white and. Chris hogan. He is asking for Ingram and golden Tate.

The rest of my team is
tyrod Taylor
Wr. Crabtree Tate diggs Amendola jj shuster Paul Richardson
Rb only Ingram marlon Mack and McKinnon (lost dj and dalvin cook)
Te seferian Jenkins and Cameron brate

What do i do. I’m 1 and 7 and this is my last week to make a come back Thanks

TAKE THAT DEAL RIGHT NOW AND START WENTZ. Chris Hogan got hurt but he will be back for sure. White you can use to package in a big deal to grab you a high end tight end. Just my 2cents. You are 1-7 so why not go for it. I’d be there axing all over the place.

Being 1-7 is rough but I think this trade doesn’t get you a win over what you currently have. Tyrod is going into the easiest part of his schedule and so replacing him with Wentz might get you a few more points but I don’t think it will be a huge difference maker. Also consider that going from Ingram to James White is a downgrade. The Pat’s backfield is the most crowded in all of the NFL. I wouldn’t play any Pat’s RBs, especially not over Ingram who is an RB 1. Lastly, Giving up Golden Tate for Chris Hogan, while not all that bad of a trade, hurts you bad this week. You absolutely need a win this week, but if you trade your WR1 for a WR who is on bye you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

So to sum all of that up, no, I would not take this trade.

Best of luck!

i wouldn’t. ingram’s too valuable to your team, don’t bank on a patriot RB, even in full ppr. Tate is working his way back in and so is diggs, so you should be good there.

Thanks everyone. I rejected the offer. I need a win THiS week or I’m done.