Trade Help Golladay

Hey Everyone,

So I was offered to receive Theilen but have to give up Mike Davis and Kenny Golladay

My team:
QB: Brees, Bridgewater
RB: Mccaffrey, Conner, Davis, Snell Jr, Mckissic
WR: Golladay, Kupp, Chark Jr. Anthony Miller,
TE: Jonnu smith

Half PPR 14 man league

Would really appreciate everyone’s help!

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bump please help !

I like both Theilen and Golladay but I think theilen will have some bad games going forward with the emergence of Justin Jefferson while Kenny G will have more of a steady floor than Theilen. Maybe try to shop Kupp instead. I wouldn’t take that trade

new trade came in:

Conner Jonnu and Anthony Miller for Chris Carson, Ruggs, and Hayden Hurst

Thoughts? Feel like it’s just a swap and maybe worse since Im getting an injured carson

Dynasty of redraft?

Redraft. Thoughts?

Both trades are lateral. I tend no to make this type of trade.

Prefer Gollady over Theilan ROS.

Prefer Connor over Carson (injured). Prefer Jonnu over Ruggs… the rest doesn’t matter.

Thanks. I was offered also mike Davis for brandin cooks. Should I move off Davis a week early?

If you can get anything for Davis, go fo it. Likely pure profit. You hopefully got wins out of him while he was/is the starter.

1st trade: Redraft - it’s closer but I’d probably still pass

2nd trade: I’d probably pass. It feels like a push, but I actually like the Carson / Ruggs / Hurst upside. If you took it, I’d at least like that side more.

3rd trade: Having CMC I’d probably make that move. Davis holds value going forward but it’s secondary to CMC, even if they (smartly) keep him involved.