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Trade help. Gronk for C.J. Anderson?


I had David Johnson, and Bilal Powell hasn’t quite worked out how I wanted. I’m left with Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, D’onta Foreman, and Terrance West. I really need a running back, I’ve gotten offers for Gillislee, Cohen, and now C.J. Anderson for Gronk. Is it worth it? and who’s he worth? My back up tight end is Jared Cook. Thanks for any help


I think I’d shop Gronk around a little if you’re looking to trade him. I’m not a huge fan of CJ and I feel like you could work a Gronk/Gore trade for someone like TY Montgomery or other strong option at RB. I agree you need a solid RB so the trade makes sense but I don’t think I’d settle on CJ as the guy.


I honestly love Frank Gore because he just comes out of no where and ends up top15 RB. Trading away Gronk isn’t terrible because people love seeing that name on the other end of the trade and will give anything up sometimes. But i agree with shopping around. You would be amazed at what people would give up just for Gronk.


You could get more for Gronk. I like Anderson this year, but I still like Gronk a little bit more. I would shop him around, might talk to the Bell owner in your league, people are scared, and he will produce eventually. Might reach out to Shady after this week, he’s playing Denver but wont have a good game for the second in a row. People will be ready to get rid of him if youre still looking for a RB.


I’ve gotten offers for Lynch, Gillislee, and Cohen, but I’m still shopping around for what’s the best I can find