TRADE HELP - Gronk - Julio

14 Team, Standard Scoring...

I was offered: Gronkowski and my choice of Randall Cobb or Pierre Garcon FOR Julio Jones

My team:
QB - Stafford
RB - Gordon
RB - Lynch
WR - Hopkins
WR - Julio
WR - Golden Tate
TE - Jared Cook / Ricky Seals-Jones
Flex - Corey Davis
DEF - Carolina Panthers

BN - Mike Williams WR-LAC
BN - John Brown
BN - Doug Martin
BN - Mike Gillislee
BN - Austin Ekeler

Should I trade Julio for Gronk + Cobb/Garcon, if so, which WR should I take?

Yes take it. You will lock in top 10 RB, top 5 WR, and top 2 TE each and every week. I’d lean Garcon over Cobb, but it really is your personal preference since gronk is that valuable to me

Thanks man!

I’d probably take Cobb. but either way take the deal

You still trading Julio after what you saw tonight? :thinking:
Could always stream the TE position to be honest.
You need more RB depth from what im seeing.
If you really wanted to flip Julio, you could try for a first round RB after tonight’s hype.

What… Am I the only who thinks this is crazy? Not to be bias because of what Julio just put up, but just draft value alone. No I’m keeping Julio screw that offer. Injury risk with Gronk, and looks like Julio is their offense again.

Matt Ryan alone just made that trade doable. He looked terrible.

Sure he could get hurt but you cant live you life like that, Like Gordon Bombay says, Theres no point winning if you cant win big!

This is not a good trade at all. Regardless of what happened tonight. JJ is the most talented receiver in the NFL and realistically the only one who has a shot of outscoring AB in any given year.