TRADE HELP! Gronk, Robinson

Need some help here.

RB’s currently are James Robinson, Mccafrey, hubbard, mike davis.
WR’s are Higgins, Antonio Brown, Deebo, Allen Robinson, Darnell Mooney, Marvin Jones
TE is seals jones and Conklin but obviously willing to drop conklin.

Was offered Gronkowski, Diontae Johnson and Fournette and I give up robinson and Deebo.

Thoughts??? thanks

I personally would stick with Deebo and Robinson.

Fournette and J Rob are relatively even, although Lenny is currently the RB10 (PPR) and J Rob is RB13 (PPR), depending on your league’s scoring format. In addition Lenny has played 1 more game than J Rob.

Deebo is currently the WR6 (PPR) and is comanding ALL the targets while Kittle is out. Johnson is the WR25 (PPR).

Gronk is a better play than the 2 TEs you have however, he has missed the last 4 games and is only “hopeful” to play in week 8. Imho, minimal points from Conklin/Seals-Jones is better than no points.

This is just my 2 cents worth of sort-of advice.