Trade help half ppr mike gillisle for Jordan reed

So I have demarco Murray,tod gurley, karem hunt, cj Anderson and mike gillisle some one wants to trade mike for Jordan reed straight up I have zack ertz as my tight end in a half point ppr should I make the trade ?

Hmm, with Murray, Gurley, and Hunt - assuming it is a 2 RB league - how often do you see yourself starting Gillisllee? Being already fairly stacked on RB (even without Gils), you could stack up on TE, with Ertz or Reed potentially being a future trade if you needed to shore up some other part of your team.

I’d take that trade. Your rb looks good and reed would be a nice add, assuming his fractured toe doesn’t force him to miss too many games this season/hinder him too much on the field.

Thank you my dude I think imma take it I honestly didn’t even know about the toe but if I have him and Ertz it seems worth it

Why do you want reed if you have ertz?
I`d rather shop for a WR

Joe smoke I didn’t see you at first but yeah that’s honestly what I’m thinking especially if I don’t even have to do TE For TE but you guys wanna know the lamest part,apparently that trade is more fair then a trade that the owner of David Jonson wanted to do with me which was c.j. Anderson for Golden Tate which would benefit us both but got vetoed by the 2 league commissioners even tho I even asked one for his opinion and said that it seemed like a fair trade even tho I wasn’t sure I was gonna do it and then backed out :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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