Trade Help! Half PPR

Who wins: Hollywood Brown/Tee Higgins for Robby Anderson/Juju

I’d probably take the robby side. I see a marginal difference in Hollywood and juju. Both are guys you only want to roll out on a bye week or injury. So then between Tee Higgins and robby, I’ll take the vet with a vet QB and a slightly more concentrated target tree.

My only hesitation is the bengals defense just got even worse after trading their cornerstone d lineman which means a lot of pass attempts.

Tee Higgins and Robby are similar. It’s more who can break out juju or Hollywood. I trust Big Ben to throw more but that doesn’t mean they go to juju. Hollywood has a roughly 30% target share if your okay with the 6 point weeks having him in your flex.

My other predicament is that I also have DJ Moore. The trade may not really benefit me in the long run.

I probably wouldn’t take the trade then. I don’t see Teddy throwing 400 yard games this year like Winston did last year to pair WRs from the same team.

Yea that’s how I feel unless I can trade DJ Moore for an upgrade. My current roster is:

Mahomes, Herbert
Zeke, Mostert, Gibson, Gaskin
DJ, Edelman, Kirk, Higgins, Hollywood, Lazard
Mark Andrews, Logan Thomas

I feel like I need to upgrade my WR and maybe try to sell Zeke high but idk

If someone doesn’t have WR depth Hollywood’s high target share and kirks last few games could help land metcalf or someone in that 8-15 ranking/scoring range.

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Robby Anderson is in that range. Would have to pull the trigger before tonight’s game. I get the better side of the deal but is my team actually better or do I have better trade pieces afterwards?