Trade help: How can I upgrade here? 0.5 PPR

I’m currently 3-1 in my competitive 12 team league, can be 4-1 if Brees gets under 19 points tonight… although I’m close to 4-1, i dont feel that strongly about my team and a little bit of luck got me here because I’ve drafted a lot of busts. I need a serious upgrade @ WR and am trying to get me a #1. I traded for Mixon on the low a couple weeks ago. Here is my team. We play 2 FLEX

QB: Tom Brady, Tannehill
RB: Drake, Jacobs, Mixon, Edmonds, Jonathan Taylor
WR: DJ Moore, Woods, Gallup, Deebo, Shenault
TE: Fant (OUT), Ebron (streamer)

My idea was to maybe package Drake and Moore together and try to target struggling teams to get a baller at WR like Davante Adams and then just flex out Deebo/ Shenault/ Edmonds/ Gallup. At this point, I feel more confident in flexing one of those guys and getting potential big points than rolling Drake out there every week and cringing. I was a Moore and Drake truther but i think i’m out on both of them. Edmonds might eventually take that backfield over. I could also try to deal JT, but I dont want to weaken my RB core, I’d much rather keep him for the upside and deal Drake off a decent game. What is everyones thoughts? I need some help here.

Even coming off a decent games for both Moore and Drake, I don’t think you can swing a talent like Adams or Hill. Maybe a tier lower depending your league or maybe a buy low candidates.

i feel you… you think going for a deal like, Moore/ Drake for Golladay/ Newton would work? I have a need to upgrade at QB too and the Newton owner also has Josh Allen. Just trying to make my team better.

Who’s the WRs for the Newton owner? I still Golladay is still too high but I like the move from your perspective.

He has CeeDee Lamb, Beckham, Devante Parker as his other WRs

I think you can maybe swing a drake for Parker straight up. That seems fair to me but try the higher value players like Golladay first but if there a counter then settle for Parker. I value him the best out of those other options. OBJ isn’t dependable and you already have Gallop so Lamb is out as you don’t want both Cowboys

This might help you work out what’s fair to chase.

Could be worth trying to hit up the AJ Brown owner to see if they’re frustrated?

thanks a lot guys! this helped me out a lot!