Trade help - Hunt offer

I would acquire: Kareem Hunt

Trade away: Jordan Howard and Tyler Lockett

he drops karryon johnson to waivers.

Im honestly stumped on the value of this trade. Im high on howard this season and dont have any stock in hunt. Dont know which way it swings. My current RBs are:

Zeke elliott, C McCaffrey, Jordan Howard, A Peterson, chris carson.

Honestly i like your current guys more. Howard looked good catching the ball as well which is massive for his use/value this year. Hunt will be fine but Ware looked pretty good and could be a problem for him there, Howard has no such vultures for his touches so carries less risk in that department. I’d pass here if i was in your position. This looks like someone week 1 tilting and trying to sell Hunt on the name, possibly a counter? If it’s not PPR i’d see what CMC gets you, if it is why not sell high on Peterson with the plus matchup this week? Having a stable of Zeke, CMC, Howard and Hunt is pretty good and gives you trade power for later in the season if you need. Just a thought…

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Selling Howard on high and buying Hunt on low. Sounds great for me.

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No chance I’m taking that at all. I love Howard this year and he looked good catching the ball too. I would stay put were you are

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Its so tempting. i guess another negative is that i play the guy whos trading this week 2.