Trade help I'm stuck

Would you trade Ridley and Hubbard for James Robinson and Shepard? PPR.

I have McCaffrey. I also have Hopkins, Deebo, Mike Williams, and Emmanuel Sanders at WR.

Yes I would do this trade. Since you already have so many other good receivers.

Who are your RB’s?

Injured haha. McCaffrey, Edwards-Helaire, David Montgomery, Josh Jacobs.

I do have D.Williams on KC and Hubbard. I’m nervous of the 3 injured RB’s, 1 or 2 won’t be the same when they return. We have 2 flex spots in our league.

Thanks for the help

In that case, I’d definitely do it. Robinson immediately starts for you and provides some relief until the others come back. Shepard is a target hog and should be a decent flex.


Thank you I appreciate it. Accepting now!

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