Trade Help in preparation for Playoffs!

Hey, guys so I’m 5-1 in a 12 man PPR league, and have been constantly making moves whilst watching various FF podcasts.
I would like to think that my team I ready for playoffs (my bench is essentially defenses, handcuffs, and Tevin Coleman), but I’ve noticed that many people have been saying to sell high on DJ and buy low on Bell or Saquon.
Here’s my team:

There’s a teammate who’s 3-3 and currently has both Bell and Saquon, and I would try to trade DJ for either one of them.
Here’s his team:

What is a trade you would advice to do to get Bell or Saquon in return for DJ?

DJ will get his volume and he’s in a more explosive offense than Bell. Bell’s schedule is definitely more in favor though. If you were to get Barkley I guess that would be pretty good. Idk but I don’t really see the need to get away from DJ. Now this was an easy matchup but that offense is still putting itself together and they are starting to figure out the RZ which will benefit DJ. Tbh I would look at moving Julio and Coleman for Bell/Barkley and Golladay. Julio is great no doubt but he can be boom or bust at times.

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Hey man, looks like you have some serious 1st world problems. Great job on your team! I think that @iNeedFFadvice‘s advice is sound. If you’re still looking to upgrade your team, a fully healthy Saquon of course would be better than DJ but I can’t imagine that owner would trade you straight up. I can’t see if you have any other WR’s on your bench but Julio/Coleman for Bell/Golladay is certainly a fairy even trade which would probably be tipped in your favor, again I don’t think he’d part with Barkley instead of Bell here but I would try that first. As Godwin is really your biggest star here, I don’t think losing Julio would kill you…unless…Julio/Godwin/Lockett are your only WR’s, in which case I’d hold tight. That’s an option too! Your team is so good, I’m not sure that you even need to go looking for more trades; sometimes over trading can get you in trouble! Also…whoa…preparing for playoffs with stacking defenses already is crazy! You must have an insanely competitive league!


Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely try the Barkley and Golladay for Coleman and Jones trade!
If he says no, would you still be inclined to accept Bell and Golladay instead for those two?
Julio/Godwin/Lockett/Hardman are literally my only WRs as I traded away others like Chark, Boyd, and Woods in return for some of these players.
With only having Hardman as my other WR, would it be better to just sit still and not proceed with trades at this moment in time?
And yeah, my league has 4 very competitive members who currently all have pretty stacked teams as well as they also trade a lot with others, especially those who don’t care as much.