Trade Help.... Ingram and Demaryius

Full Point PPR
Current Team:
QB: Carr
RB: Hunt, AP, Lewis, Collins, Rawls
WR: Dez, Demaryius, Sheppard, Kelvin
TE: Graham

I’ve been offered Ingram and Crowder for Demaryius and AP.


I think Ingram is an upgrade over Peterson and Thomas’s value is unclear with the current QB situation.

I’d do it.

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Interesting take. Thomas has been inconsistent but he teased me with a high volume performance this past week. Thanks for the input

Call it a gut reaction.

Thomas and AP both coming off good games = the time to sell high. I personally don’t think Peterson will be very consistent and Thomas like you said is inconsistent. Hard to to trust Brock O. from week to week.

I will admit that Crowder was kind of a pointless throw-in. Maybe you could try and get a better WR to even the trade out more. Because otherwise you’re trading 2 good players for 1 good player.

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I think Crowder will be solid. He doesn’t have much to give up. Would u rather Tevin Coleman or Crowder?

Why not just see if he’d do Ingram for AP straight up?

He is completely set on Demaryius. So I don’t think that would work.