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Trade Help.... Ingram and Demaryius


Full Point PPR
Current Team:
QB: Carr
RB: Hunt, AP, Lewis, Collins, Rawls
WR: Dez, Demaryius, Sheppard, Kelvin
TE: Graham

I’ve been offered Ingram and Crowder for Demaryius and AP.



I think Ingram is an upgrade over Peterson and Thomas’s value is unclear with the current QB situation.

I’d do it.


Interesting take. Thomas has been inconsistent but he teased me with a high volume performance this past week. Thanks for the input


Call it a gut reaction.

Thomas and AP both coming off good games = the time to sell high. I personally don’t think Peterson will be very consistent and Thomas like you said is inconsistent. Hard to to trust Brock O. from week to week.

I will admit that Crowder was kind of a pointless throw-in. Maybe you could try and get a better WR to even the trade out more. Because otherwise you’re trading 2 good players for 1 good player.


I think Crowder will be solid. He doesn’t have much to give up. Would u rather Tevin Coleman or Crowder?


Why not just see if he’d do Ingram for AP straight up?


He is completely set on Demaryius. So I don’t think that would work.