Trade Help Ingram for Evans...WWYD

12 Team Half point PPR
My WRs are… A.Brown, M.Evans, S.Diggs & A.Cooper

being offered a trade… Ingram for Evans straight up…

My other RBs are… T.Gurley, D.Martin, T.Cohen, A.Jones & Duke Johnson

Should I do it? I really like Ingrams playoff schedule

Eh, I don’t really like it. How many wr do you start? I wouldn’t let Cooper’s one huge game make you think he’s back. I think he’ll be very boom/bust this year. And we can’t trust Diggs’ health. And how much better will Ingram be than Martin/Jones? I don’t think you have the wr depth to do it.

I agree with what he said-

You should try and trade cooper and jones for ingram

I think I agree with the others. With Kamara in the mix I really don’t think I would take Ingram straight up for Evans!!!

Similar question here. I have Ingram and am looking to trade him, Keenan Allen, and Devante Parker for Mike Evans and Adrian Peterson.

My new RB/WR lineup would be:

D. Bryant
Flex: Fuller/McCaffery/AP

Bench: Forte, Henry, Ivory, Shepard

Good trade for me??

Edit: to comment on your trade, don’t trade Evans for just Ingram - if you can get an upside WR back then maybe, but the Kamara fear is real.

Your getting a WR 1 so i like the upside your getting and maybe AP will get more touches with their lack of QB

Keenan Allen is getting so many looks by Rivers-I like Evans and his size but I have Allen an Hill and other than when they play Denver am pretty confident-

You can get a better trade than Ingram I would think, or atleast a back that’s not in a timeshare.

There is no trust in AP in my opinion-

I don’t own him in any of my leagues-I would rather have Mack going forward than AP-

Viper what’s your league’s point scoring?