TRADE HELP Jacobs, Gordon, Fant >D.Johnson, Kittle, Allen/OBJ(1)

I have a blockbuster trade going on: PPR (My gut says to take this trade but i feel like im giving up a lot of starters)

I trade: David Johnson, G. Kittle, K. Allen or OBJ
J.Jacobs, M. Gordon, A. Green, Fant or Henry

My starting line up is:
QB: Brees/Minshew
RB: Mcaffery, Johnson, J.Robinson, J.White, T. Coleman
WR: Locket, Allen, OBJ, D.Jackson, L. Fitzgerald
TE: Kittle, Gesicki, L. Thomas

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Pretty fair trade. I like your upside with jacobs and green. Not sure which TE of henry of Fant but I think its a good enough trade to take…

Also, not sure which your rather keep OBJ or allen… probably allen

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Thats where my line of thought was as well. I believe its a down grade at TE but a huge upgrade at RB and probably at equal value at WR position as well if Green can stay healthy.

Yeah, if you have McCaffery and Jacobs, that’s a pretty leathal RB lineup. I’d take Fant for the TE, liking his volume from Monday night and he had chemistry with Lock last season too. He won me my matchup this week.


I personally always prefer a strong RB core. McCaffrey and Jacobs would be my ideal situation.

Keep Allen over OBJ since he is the clear #1 and I trust their offense over the Browns.

If you keep Allen definitely go with Fant. I don’t want multiple receivers on the same team.

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I was thinking that too and hopefully Sutton coming back opens up the field. Any concern for Gordon or Green moving forward?

That’s the deal as of right now take Fant give up OBJ. Fingers crossed for health because an injury would put me in bad position.

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My concern for Melvin Gordon is simply that he hasn’t yet proven that he’ll be fantasy relevant in Denver. For the past couple of season it’s been a committee approach and Phillip Lindsay has ended up slightly edging out the others. Gordon was brought in to be more of a lead back, but already by week 1 is more of a 50/50 split. Of course with Lindsay potentially out for a couple of weeks it give Gordon a chance to stake his claim. Green’s target share looks nice, my only concern there is that he’s working with a rookie QB, you never know how that might impact his production, but week 1 didn’t look terrible. I think I would take this trade. David Johnson will almost certainly miss games due to injury, given his history, I would have HUGE OBJ concerns, and I really believe Fant is going to be a solid TE so I don’t think you’re losing much by giving up Kittle.

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