TRADE HELP JJ for D. Martin

I have been offered a trade. .5 ppr I would trade away JJ Nelson and receive Doug Martin. Should I accept? Please advise.

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Whats the rest of your team look like?.. that would be a deciding factor for me

But with out seeing the rest of your team I would say yeah do it… JJ is a guy you got off waivers im sure… and Martin was a 5th or 7th round pick in most drafts and when healthy he is pretty good… I have martin on most of my teams that I drafted… I would do the trade

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I was offered JJ Nelson for Doug Martin and turned it down …Doug Martin has huge upside …JJ Nelson has had a good game but isn’t the #1 receiver there

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Fantasy Team

OBJ, Demarius, martavis, Nelson, Lee and Kearse as my main WR’s
Demarco, Crowell, abdullah, west, kelly as my main RB’s

With Gronk…

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Get Doug Martin!! It’s worth the risk there is no proof that jj will keep up these lines all year and starting RBs are way harder to come by


Agreed… I would make this trade

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