Trade Help! Johnson Carson for Elliott Cohen

I am in a .5 point PPR league with 6 point TDs. I was offered the below trade and want to get anyone’s thoughts:

I own:
David Johnson
Chris Carson

Trade for
Zeke Elliot
Tarik Cohen

Any advice would he helpful. I’m a Cowboys fan and have full faith in Jerry to get the deal done before the season starts so i’m intrigued.

If this is a keeper league I would pull the trigger… I’m kinda tempted to say yes even if it’s not b/c I think you’re right that the deal should get done before the season.

If you wanna be risk averse the smart play would be to stick with DJ/Carson.

I think Carson is going to have a big year if he catches the football. David Johnson could be back to his old ways with a new coach. If that happens, I want Carson/Johnson.