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Trade help! Julio Jones or David Johnson


I am in a 10 man league where we can keep 3 players from the year before! My dilemma is i am keeping Aaron Rodgers, Le’veon Bell and Julio Jones, the guy who has David Johnson wants to trade me for Julio Jones and a 7th or round pick! Should I go into the season with two elite running backs or keep Jones?



Who are the WRs that you’d be able to target early in the draft? I love the idea of having DJ and Lev…


I can’t target any of them till everyone has three keepers, you have the option every year to throw back all your players or keep up to three! But the draft doesn’t start till all ten teams have three players, so a lot of the top wideouts could be gone!


I gotcha…I’d honestly still prefer DJ to Julio, only because I feel like Julio’s foot could give out at any time. Having Bell and DJ would allow you to go WR basically first 4-5 picks of the draft lol. PPR?


Just standard league! I appreciate the quick response I just have a bad feeling about Julio and the new offense coordinator and the lack of touchdown targets!


No worries! I know how it is when you post on here and wait for hours for someone to respond lol…standard league I’d go DJ for sure then. Just target WR early and often since you’d have two of the top 3 backs in the league (unreal!). What pick are you?


Traditionally an RB1 produces more points than a WR1. Bell and DJ are the top two of a very short list of bell cow backfields.

My advice would be to look at every other team and try to project who they will keep. If the WRs don’t look picked clean, I’d take this trade. You can spend the early rounds of the draft picking high upside wideouts and use the mid rounds for more reliable guys.


Well put…my thoughts exactly.


I have 9th pick out of 10! I am also going try to pair Jordy and Rodgers together too! How did your season go last year?


Eh I had the best record going in to the semi finals of my money league…lost to the team that had to win the last regular season week just to get in to the playoffs at 5-8…why we love and hate fantasy football, right?


Yeah I love it! I went to the championship game and lost by 9 points because I didn’t start Sammy Watkins because all the experts thought he wasn’t going to play! Then I was up 118 to 105 and he had kelce go off against the broncos talk about a haunting championship game lol!


Thanks for your reply Guinness, I appreciate the great advice!


for the first three rounds i always go best value. so considering your first three are a rod, bell, and then player X, im going for who ever has the most value in a keeper and point wise. and that is david johnson hands down. he is young, and dynamic. i have gone 3 RB my first three rounds because i dont really care about who is where and who is available and when i think they will be. my first three rounds are all about hitting and hitting hard. after that ill worry about depth and who i can wait on, who is a value where. you can get golden tate in the 6th of redrafts. michael crabtree is about the same. i wouldnt be mad to start rodgers, bell, DJ, crabtree and tate. thats a damn good starting line up. and if you really want to consider scarcity at positions early in the draft so be it, but ill give you an argument as to why you should still go bell DJ. there is no other position in fantasy football harder to consistantly fill than the RB. so to have 2 of the top 3 RBs (maybe even number 1 and 2) i see no way barring any injuries that you will ever regret that. just be smart and pick up probably 3 WRs in a row. you can deal with weak TE play with that kind of team. just dont skimp too much on your backup RB. bell does have a history of injury and not playing full seasons.


Very well put! I know barring injury DJ and bell could have huge years! Thanks for the input BusterD!


@BusterD We have got to stop agreeing.


i know right? i felt a little better when i saw you disagreed about julio and OBJ. but now its just getting weird again.


Absolutely take DJ for Julio. More of a sure thing in Johnson, and Bell is very injury prone. And there is a far greater drop off in RBs than WRs.


Do the trade. Julio is injury prone and DJ is going to be one of your keepers for years to come. No brainer for me. Since you don’t need to draft RBs, target a couple high upside WRs in the draft. Like you could feasibly draft Watkins, D. Adams, Crabtree, M. Bryant and Crowder. With this mix, or one like it, you have upside and stability.


Definitely do it. You will have an astronomical positional advantage at RB, even in a standard league. WR is a much deeper position, and you should be able to fill the void with respectable replacement level pieces.


Thanks all for the great advice guys! Appreciate all the help!