Trade Help - Lamar Jackson & George Kittle

I’m trying to make a deal to get Derrick Henry and George Kittle. The guy wants Michael Thomas, my 1.03 and 2.03 in this year’s rookie draft. Thoughts?

UPDATE - Henry is off the table, now I’m trying to get Lamar Jackson and George Kittle. He wants MT, Jacobs, and my 1.01. I think it’s too much, but curious what others think.

It is not too bad, I feel like it depends on your other wr’s and depth. If you do not have a lot of depth I feel like those first two picks are a lot.

It’s a moot point now, he traded Henry for AJ. Now I’m trying to get Lamar Jackson and Kittle. He wants Josh Jacobs, MT and the 1.01. I should note, I have the 1.01 and the 1.03 in this year’s rookie draft.

Outside of MT, my wide receivers are DJ Moore, AB, DJ Chark, Deebo, Mooney, and Pittman.

Well that is a bummer, I personally liked the first deal more than this. I will go into detail but the tldr for this is I think that is too much to give away for jackson and kittle.


Honestly, I feel like I am not the best person to respond to this because I am not a fan compared to consensus on pretty much every person in this trade lol. I do not believe in Lamar and think that what he did this season will be more of the norm than the outlier.

I think thomas is super over rated and think that he actually does not have a ceiling as the number 1 wr going forward. It literally took a record breaking year from him and his hall of fame qb to do so. I think he is a solid contender to be in the 5-10 range consistently which is great, but I feel like his value is still the 1 and that isnt what he is. All that said, he is on your team and I think you are smart to get rid of him.

I think josh jacobs is also more hype than delivery too. He is advertised as a bell cow but 31% of the time he had less than 15 carries and literally lost you weeks. I dont know how a bell cow gets game scripted out like that. Plus, they clearly dont trust him in the passing game. I just think he is over hyped and I do not want to lean on the rb for a middle of the road raiders team.

The 1.01 and 1.03 are going to be pretty valuable this year I think. The rb class is looking to be shallow and the open landing spots are going to be minimal as well. The only teams I can really think of that need an rb are the steelers and jets. You could throw in a few more for sake of argument but teams like houston, buffallo, denver etc. that could use an rb still have guys ahead that they will likely stick with.

So the chances that there are only 1 or 2 stud rookie rbs is likely and you should keep the 1.01 for that. The 1.03 you can use for a stud wr (this class is full of them) or even pull the trigger on Tlaw. I feel like he is going to be a bigger asset than lamar for the long run because lamar is only a weapon when he is a run threat. He does not really have a great arm so I would give his fantasy timeline about as long as an rb (like high 20’s for age). Lawrence is going to be around a long time and people are saying he may be one of the best prospects EVER.

If you wind up taking the trade you lose a top end wr (despite my probably bad takes lol) without anyone to truly fill that role. An ok RB1/RB2 which good rbs are hard to come by, and the 1.01 which could be your choice of the only solid rookie rb. In return, you would get a high risk qb without the typical qb longevity and an absolutely fantastic TE to be fair. But, I just do not think it is worth what your giving up to get george kittle.

If you keep what you have, I think your team is much stronger and if you need a good qb and te, you can look elsewhere and find better value and still be a contender.

Sorry for the novel but if you make it through I hope it helps and I hope my “bad” takes do not scare you off too much!

I appreciate the analysis. I agree a lot with what you said. I actually ended up vacating the idea of pursuing Lamar and Kittle. I made a deal for just Kittle. Gave him Drake and my 1.03. Still hold that 1.01, should be fun to look into what who will be my pick. Sounding more and more like it may be Devonta Smith there though.

Good move, I like that way more. Devonta smith is definitely a top contender but just keep your eye out for where Travis etienne or najee Harris wind up. They could wind up in good situations and despite the bias from this years rookie wrs, the rookie wrs usually need some time to develop. Rookie rbs have a better history of performing out of the gate so you could get a top 10 rb if the situation is right and still have MT and the rest of your squad. On top of that, you’d have Jonathan jacobs backed with one of these rookies. This wr class is fairly deep I’ve heard so you may still be able to grab a solid prospect at the 2.03. That being said, it definitely never hurts to take the best guy available and if you think that’s devonta smith, I can’t blame you.

Oh I’ll definitely be doing a lot of research coming up on the players. Definitely can’t make the determination until after the draft and see where these prospects to fall to. I do have the safety net of Cam Akers to back Josh Jacobs but he’s one of those guys will he be the bell cow now like he was at the end of the season and will he stay healthy. I also have Mostert and Conner.

I think Akers is going to be a STUD next year and take over that role pretty much full time. Mostert is a beast when he is healthy but hes getting older and you dont really ever know what the 49ers are going to do with their backfield. He looked good this year when he played but it was so infrequent I am worried about him going forward. Conner is probably going to be done in pittsburgh and I cant even picture him getting signed by anyone to be more than a backup at this point. He is tough because you cant really sell him so you just have to cross your fingers that he winds up in a good rbc somewhere. I have the same issue with Fournette and am just hoping he can earn a role somewhere after this year. Is that all your RB depth?

Also, how deep are your rosters and how many positions do you have to start? I am just thinking of my league and forget that other people have different formats lol.

My other RBs are nothing special.

Joshua Kelley
Damien Williams
Latavius Murray
Jordan Howard

25 man rosters (10 starters and 15 bench spots)

Well it seems like you are a bit thin at RB and could definitely use another starter. What is the format for starters? 10 is a lot especially with only 15 bench spots.

The league I am in has 9 starters (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX) and our bench is 21 spots deep. There were definitely weeks I was having trouble digging into my bench and finding starters so I could only imagine having to fill another starting slot with 6 less guys.

Our league has 10 teams and we start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX (W/R/T), 1 SUPERFLEX (Q/W/R/T), I’ll definitely be looking at improving my RBs this off season.

Oh wow, I did not realize it was a superflex. I hope I did not steer you wrong on the lamar jackson call. He becomes way more valuable in this type of format of course.

You didn’t steer me wrong. He was still asking too much for both Lamar and Kittle. I do have Herbert and Brady along with Wentz, Fitzmagic, and Cam. So I think I’m ok for at least next year.