Trade Help Landrey

Landry for TY Hilton and Hogan?


Landry, Howard for TY Hilton and David Johnson

1/2 point ppr

Landry for Hilton feels like a lateral move at best, I think Hogan is irrelevant from here out with the rest of the pieces falling into place in NE, if he was going to stand out he would have done it already.

The second is tempting, no question that DJ is the superior back to Howard in .5 PPR (even with Howards newfound ability to catch this year) if the Cardinals can assemble anything vaguely resembling an offense.

Landry for Hilton is definitely a lateral move, but I also think DJ is an upgrade for Howard if things fall into place. I’m worried about losing the consistency of Howard for hopes and dreams. The guy I’m trading with loves WR and I’m tempted to wait for Landry to pop to try and sell for an advantage later. Thanks for replying.

That was actually the other thing I was going to say, I wouldn’t trade Landry this week as I feel like his value is about to jump, I was trying to close a trade for him this week for just that reason and unfortunately his owner felt exactly the same way.

I just don’t see his value going down. I’m in a two qb league and I traded cheep for Baker Mayfield, and just traded James White for David Njoku, so I’m a little worried about all the eggs in the browns basket. I’m gonna wait, and ride the brown wave.

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