Trade help! Landy for Michel or Chubb

Trade deadline is today. I am thin at running back. My roster is as follows:

QB: Mahomes, Wentz
WR: OBJ, M Thomas, Landry, Boyd
RB: Ingram, Mack, McCoy, McGuire, Thompson
TE: Olsen, Njoku, Doyle

I have 2 different offers on the table.

#1 I send Landry + Olsen or Doyle for Michel or Chubb


#2 I send Olsen or Njoku or Doyle for Alex Collins

I’m leaning towards #2 as I get to keep Landry. Although, Collins isn’t in the same class as Michel.

What do you think? Thanks!

if your asking for who i think is safer? i’d say chubb

If your asking who i think has bigger boom potential? i’d say michel.

I’d also say stay the hell away from alex collins, because with OBJ and Thomas you don’t NEED landry, but you do NEED a solid RB

i would do #1 and get Sony

Matthew Berry and Yates just put out a vid saying to go get Collins. Thats why I thought it would be a steal for one of my 3 TEs. They also mention Landry as being a top trade target.

Go and get Michel or Chubb with the Landry trade. I prefer Michel to Chubb although he is more risky given injury concerns. Given you already have to deal with Mack’s injury concerns, might be safer to grab chubb.

Also, would send Njoku if you’re getting chubb so you don’t have that stack.

He doesn’t want Njoku as he needs a bye week filler for week 11.

You guys worry about Burkhead coming back and getting goal line work at all?

a little, but not enough to think he’s not still worth the trade.

a healthy michel has proven to be far superior to rex, and his carries and goal-line work will reflect that.

if anything, burkhead hurts white

I would def. get Chubb.

I am leaning towards Chubb. Michel has more upside. But i fear that as soon as the Pats lock up their devision, they will rest Michel.

Am I right in thinking that way?

I don’t think so, but with Burkhead coming back and Patterson lingering around they have a lot of playmakers. James White is game script proof so he is the back to own in NE. Michel is still the best runner on the team. Chubb is getting 20 carries a game though. I much prefer him over Michel.