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Trade help... Lev and Pryor


Getting: Lev Bell and Pryor
Losing: Demaryius, Mccafrey and D Parker

I would have Hunt, Bell, M Thomas, Bryant, Pryor and Anderson


Hmm giving up alot but I think I would still do it and hope that Pryor and Cousins can turn it up a bit


im trying pretty hard to give him bryant instead of Parker as it’s PPR


Agreed. I think if I had the chance to get bell I’d pull the trigger


Yeah I’d really push for Bryant instead of giving up Parker


I may have to give up Hurns if I do that… thoughts?


Hmm I would if it came down to it


So now he wants Mccafrey, Parker, Demaryius AND Hurns… Thoughts?


That is a lot, but I still think I would do it to get Bell