Trade Help - light at wr

In a start up dynasty

I’m a bit light at WR and have Josh Allen and Dew brees at qb

Would you take Derek Carr and Preston Williams for brees and 2021 2nd!?

Nah, even if you are light at WR, I would not trade a 2nd rounder for the upcoming draft for basically nothing. 2021 draft should be stacked just like 2020 draft was. I would try and trade Josh Allen and a 2nd for something better if you are in need

I actually completely disagree with @Fluffy. Bree’s is at the end of his career, it’s year to year at this point so for dynasty purposes he’s not worth much of anything at this point. Could help you compete this year or next but even then i’d still likely be starting Allen over him due to the potential of improving over last year as well as his rushing touchdown abilities. He also got stefon Diggs as a new target in the offseason which should only help.

Preston Williams is still a bit of an unknown but due to opt-outs in Miami he could have a breakout season and solidify himself as a WR2. Combine that with the 2021 second round pick and you can start building some depth. Derek Carr can just sit on your bench as a bye-week filler and you can look to drafting a rookie QB or try and upgrade through trade down the line if you lose confidence in Allen.

TLDR; Yes i would do that trade in a heartbeat.

I would do that since 1. Brees is done in 2yrs tops. 2. I like the upside of Williams this year. And 3, I think Carr stands a good chance of showing a glimpse of that season he almost won MVP. He has a lot of weapons arou d him now and he is an accurate QB although he is boring much like Alex Smith was.

Yes. Only because Brees only here for this year (if he wins a title) and maybe next year if he doesn’t. Don’t love Carr but the team around him is getting better.