Trade Help! Looking to move CEH

Im looking to trade CEH + a receiver to upgrade at RB.
I have aj brown deebo lockett golladay and pittman. Who should i include with CEH and who should i trade for??

Correction I just offered CEH and Thielen for Dal Cook and DJ Moore We shall see what happens. I am up poo creek week 7 already with other players on bye. lol

I would trade Pittman with CEH. He has been solid enough but he wont hurt your team if you lose him. You need to wait for Lockett to explode again then trade him immediately. Brown has no trade value bc he is hurt. Deebo is your best player at this point so he is a firm hold.

Dude that is a bad trade offer. No one in their right mind would accept that.

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*Correction… It was DJ Moore and Cook.

If they accept that, can I have an invite to your league too :slight_smile: ?