Trade help... Looking to upgrade at Tight End

I currently have Austin Hooper in a FP PPR.

I want to offer David Montgomery and Calvin Ridley for Aaron Jones and O.J. Howard.

I currently have Dalvin Cook, Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs and Darwin Thompson along with Montgomery.

I have Devante Adams, Deandre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Dede Westbrook and James Washington along with Ridley.

I wanna make sure this is fair trade while also upgrading my tight end spot. What do yall think?

and yes I know the team looks insane. Its a 10 man league and Im playing with people I’ve never played with before who started drafting qb’s in the first round.

I was gonna say it’s very apparent you listen to the footballers :ok_hand::ok_hand::sunglasses:

Personally with that team I’d look for a different trade. Your pretty deep. I’d sacrifice something for a top TE more than OJ. You can backfill pretty well with your team and FA. Right now you really can’t drop anyone into FA during the season and could hurt you not picking up a big come up player during the year. Let me know what you think and if you do it lemme know how it goes