Trade help, lost dissly

I lost my tight end dissly for the year. Is Tevin Coleman for Waller a good trade if I offer it?

Depends on the needs of the person you are trading with.

If they have two solid TEs and is thin on RBs then yes. If you are taking their only TE then probably not.


Agreed, you might be need to pay through the nose if Waller is their only guy…

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I have a few rbs, I have saquon, D cook, s. Michel, Coleman, c Thompson. And he has Waller, Henry and G everett @Sawtooth22 @Both_Barrels_Blazing

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Based on the team makeup I think its a fair trade, however you may have to pay a bit more (deep bench piece) depending on the owner and if they need the RB.
I’m offering Coleman and Delanie for Waller to a Kittle/Waller owner.

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