Trade help me please

i got offer D. Thomas and J. Howard for K. Cole and M. Gordon

my team
McCaffrey. r.cobb
K. johnson m. jones jr
r. penny a. cooper
l. mccoy b. marshall

Well you would be upgrading at WR and downgrading a little bit at RB, i wouldn’t do it because he would be getting the best player in the trade pool

j. howard and ty hilton

for m.gordon and k. cole

I wouldn’t do this.

Unless I’m missing out on news about Gordon, he’s a must keep for me. And DT can’t catch balls right now. Almost 50ish% catch rate.

Denver is also rushing the ball more on the RZ than passing through the first two games.

TY is mich more interesting. I’m just unsure about giving away gordon at this time.

I got no problem starting Marvin, Cole and BMarsh. Just keep an eye on the waivers.

TY is a close one though. He’s such a huge part of that offense right now.