TRADE HELP (Montgomery/Diggs)

I’m in a full point PPR and was offered Ty Montgomery and Charles Clay for Stephon Diggs. Trading Diggs I would still have Jordy, Crabtree, Devonte Parker and Golden Tate.

Good trade?

If your lacking at rb and TE position this isn’t too bad Of a trade but depending on how your league scores pts Diggs might have a better chance at more TDS than these guys do

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Ty Montgomery is injured, and can get injured again if he gets back on the field. Michael Crabtree is injury prone and when he gets back,he no longer has Derrick carr. Golden Tate is decent and Jordy Nelson is injury prone. Besides Tate, the only healthy WR you have is Stephen Diggs.

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It’s 1 point PPR and 6 point TD. All else is standard scoring. And yes I’m lacking at RB. We only have to start one but this week I’m starting Duke Johnson. Devonta Freeman is my usual starter. At TE I have Reed who has done nothing - I’m streaming Martellus Bennett this week.

Well ty Monty might not get any real action this week so u might be trading for the future. Duke Johnson I think is a great start