Trade Help! Murray & Goodwin

Would you do this trade.?

I give up : Latavis Murray and Robby Anderson
I get: Deonta Foreman and Marquise Goodwin

I would just throw foreman on my IR and pick up like Kenny stills or rishard Matthews or some rookie WR on the waivers.

10 team keeper league 1/2PPR
1Qb, 2 RB, 3WR,1TE,1 FLEX 6 bench and 2IR

My team
RB: dalvin cook, Melvin gordon, McCoy, kerryon, Murray,Aaron Jones, Mark Ingram

WR: Michael Thomas, Evans, Watkins, Cameron meridith, Robby Anderson

I don’t know if I should hold onto Murray as a handcuff to dalvin cook in case he isn’t the same. Or if I should unload Robby who might be in legal trouble and also get foreman who could be a good RB later on in the year and a possible cheap Keeper next year.

What are your thoughts?

That’s tough! I like having the handcuff to my studs. However you have Gordon and McCoy and Ingram after 6 (really 7 weeks). I think you could go get Goodwin who has a genuine shot at WR1 in my opinion, but I’m super bullish on Goodwin! That is if do want to give up Robby… that’s what makes this tough is that you give up a potential WR1 and a real handcuff for a potential WR1 and an RB on IR.

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Yeah it is tough decision… That’s why at asked for some help

Well if it wasn’t clear, I’m bullish on Goodwin so I’d want him over Robby Anderson who can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law.