Trade Help: My Aaron Jones for his Cooks time sensitive

So I discussed this trade last week and both parties decided to wait until now to make any sort of serious moves. Below ill include my team to give yall a better idea of what is going on. Really considering this given my WR situation but as always I gotta consult the footclan. Originally this was offered as his Thielen for my Aaron Jones but now he has offered me Brandon Cooks. What do yall think?

QB: Wentz
RB: Connor, Chubb, Jones
WR: Ju Ju, Landry, Dorsett, Dede
TE: Delanie Walker, Jared Cook
K: Myers
D: Saints, Steelers

Again any help is appreciated cause I might pull the trigger soon

Tough one. Both guys hard to trust.

Leaves you with no rbs behind your two starters. I wouldn’t do that.

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very true I hadn’t considered that. Only reason why I guess is cause my WRs otherwise are super hit or miss also. I think what you are saying is that its not going to pay off in the long run

Right. You can never have enough rbs. They wear down later in the year and injuries happen.

Easier to pick up a WR that can hit any given week. Not so much on RBs. With Williams injury looking pretty serious, Jones is the lead back at least. Thielen is not being used like last year so far.

yea I probably would hold off and keep with the RB’s you have.

help with mine plz…

What do you think about the recent change?

what do you think about this one?

Tough call. All those guys have tough match ups and most are on the road too.

I’d go Carson or Tate. Jones might have trouble with the Vikings defense but he is at home.