Trade Help. My team is 0-3

10 Team. PPR. The two trades I’ve been offered are OBJ for Gurley and Cooper for Godwin and DJ Moore. My team is attached below. Please give me advice!

I’d 100% trade Gurley for OBJ without hesitation in any format.

I’d stick with DJ Moore and Godwin for now. You can get more than Amari back for those studs probably

If the person trading OBJ wants a WR as well, who would you trade?

Diontae Johnson looks to be your worst WR. Offer him that on top I guess. I wouldn’t add any other WR’s in there for “free”

Would you trade Gurley for Cooper? They took back the OBJ trade

Yeah you should be good at RB with Kamara Jacobs and Gordon. Amari makes your starting lineup better. You’ll need to look for RB bench depth on the waiver or future trades