Trade Help! Need Advice!

The guys said this week to start targeting colts players, and I just lost Dalvin Cook this weekend. I have the opportunity to trade Garcon for Gore. Am i giving up too much in this trade? 10 team PPR

RB: Jordan Howard, Zeke, Kamara, Mixon
WR: Doug Baldwin, Stefon Diggs, Chris Hogan, Pierre Garcon, JJ Nelson

I don’t see why you would need to give up Garcon to get Gore

The Gore owner is weak in WR and Garcon usually is riding my bench, but do you think its a bad move?

You have good depth at RB, unless you are worried about Zeke

i would do the trade if you want more RB depth but seriosly though , doesnt even really effect you its just who do you want to warm your bench

I just don’t trust Baldwin since Russ is literally running for his life every week. I wanted a solid Flex play, especially with Luck coming back soon. But yeah if Zeke gets suspended I will be kind of screwed. I made a move for TY Hilton i offered Jameis Winston for him since his owner lost Carr and Mariota.