Trade Help Needed for Big WR

Here’s my roster. My WRs are all garbage and I need someone consistent desperately. Any advice on who to target and how to I should package up my team? It would be much appreciated.

QB: Brees
WR: Baldwin, Cooper, Marvin Jones, Ridley, Gabriel, Kearse (gonna drop to pick up Allison)
RB: Fournette/Yeldon, Gordon, Breida, Chubb Lindsay
TE: Burton
K/DST: Streaming every week

If I am you I’m trying to package Breida or Lindsay + Gabriel, Ridley, Jones to get a TY Hilton or Juju Smith or basically any WR from Rams, type player. I don’t think you can reach the AJ Green, Thielen, Julio range, and Hilton and Juju still may be out of reach, but I would start there. You might be able to get Keenan Allen if his owner is thin at RB or near the bottom of the standings.

I’m choosing to wait and see on Cooper now that he has been traded but you could also deal Cooper with the sales pitch that Dallas will want to feed him the ball since they gave up so much to get him. So maybe Cooper + one of those RB to a Dallas fan in your league.

Obviously Gordon is untouchable and I would put Chubb as untouchable too considering your depth. Fournette is no guarantee to come back and Yeldon stock has gone down due to stupid Hyde (I’m a Yeldon owner).

What he said^^^

Maybe this trade for Cooper is what he needed. BUT you could probably offer him to a Dallas fan (like me) and get something good for him lol.

Super helpful. Thanks!

You should def add Allison asap and Valdes-Scantling along with him. Owning both of them is owning a guaranteed starting WR (or at times two) for GB.

Yeah, I unfortunately had to drop Allison to pick up Chubb this week. I really wanted to hold on to him, but figured no one would pick him up since he was on bye. Baldwin, Cooper and Allison were all on bye and Ridley was questionable so I had a rough WR situation this week, rougher that usual that is.

Would you do Breida + Jones for TY Hilton?