Trade help needed - looking to 2021

Dismal season with injuries and CV-19. Will not make the playoffs and looking toward 2021 and acquisition of draft picks. I’ve been offered the following three trades in a 2 keeper (no restrictions), .5ppr league:

1st round pick for Ridley

1st and 4th for Ridley and Mostert

2nd and 4th for Kupp and Mostert


RB: D.Henry, C.Carson, J.Conner, A.Gibson, Mostert
WR: M.Thomas, Ridley, Kupp, M.H.Brown, J.Jefferson (picking up Ruggs off waivers)

So, I like my options for keepers next year. The Ridley for a 1st seems like the easiest deal to make, even though C.R. may be a stud next year. Atlanta currently in a state of flux.

Any thoughts appreciated.