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Trade help! NFL trades created an opportunity! Jones, Boyd and too many WRs need an RB


Oh dear god I need a RB and this might be my time to strike!

I am 4-4 in a .5PPR but 3rd in most points on the season.
WR - Davante Adams
WR - Ty Hilton
WR - Cooper Kupp
RB - Jordan Howard
RB - Sony Michel
FLEX - Marvin Jones Jr.

Tyler Boyd
TreQuan Smith

Royce Freeman
Wendell Smallwood

I am now suddenly stacked at WR in my .5PPR league (post Tate trade and potential AJ turf toe) and need a RB. I have a taker and we are trying to make something work there are 2 kinds of trades being discussed or I can sit put for week 8.

  1. Jones for Chubb straight up (worried about CLE coaching situation)
  2. Mixon for TY and Jones (other manager mention these two involed at least in a trade) (he also mentioned this is probably the only week he would move Mixon who he believes is a top 7 RB)
  3. Do I just stay put and hope Jones and TreQuan crush it?

I’m completely gutted on this decision and need anyone’s advice here. No one is interested in TreQuan right now and this owner has 4 RBs (Zeke, Mixon, Ingram and Chubb) and nearly no WRs (he has AJ and Geronimo, Taylor Gabriel, Stills, MVS, Sanu) I am mostly interested in Mixon who is on Bye and Chubb–haven’t even asked about Zeke because I am worried about his RoS schedule and he would probably cost way too much.

Because of Byes one of us is probably going to get an L this week (him if he doesn’t trade and me if I do–but I might consider it to get an RB)

@MikeMeUpp I generally vibe with your analysis on these forums and am curious what your thoughts are


I think I would do the TY and jones for mixon.
Boyd can slot in and cover for those two. I like mixon


Why do you have so few players on your bench? this is the most shallow league I’ve seen.

Jones + TY would be an okay move for Mixon but I’m personally pretty high on both going forward. I think MJJ is a WR1 ROS with Tate gone. He is already dominating air yards and red zone so a couple more targets his way goes a long way given they are typically deep plays and jump balls in the end zone.

ALso the other issue is you would end up with Boyd + Mixon. If you could swap out either Hilton or Jones for Boyd, that would be a much better trade for you.

Not sure if I would do chubb for Jones straight up. Like you, I am worried about the team as a whole. Interim HC changes rarely work out and they lost both OC and HC with a rookie QB and still no WRs after trade deadline (that one was mind boggling for me). That team is going to be much like the cleveland browns of old. You definitely do need RB help though but I’m sure there must be other trade partners available as well.


Sorry–Other things I didn’t note was that I have Kittle as my TE. and I am starting Goff with Russell Wilson on the bench. Sorry for not painting the entire picture I just wanted to focus on RB/WRs but it is worth nothing I have the Goff/Cupp stack and am carrying 2 QBs in the hopes of a late season revival for Russell. Greg the Leg all day and currently streaming KC for next 2 weeks for the full picture.


Also if you want to hear about a shallow league I am the commissioner of a 20-man league that has 4 bench spots… :smiley: it’s sadistic.


@MikeMeUpp so…they can back with a counter this week with Mixon, 3 days from trade deadline. But this time it’s for Howard, Boyd and Jones jr. he’s throwing in Godwin and T. Gabriel, but I feel like I really need Mixon. Trading away TB and MJJ would leave me with Hilton, D Adams and Cupp starting with Godwin/Smallwood in the flex for the rest of playoffs.

Goff/Russel W as QB
3WRs mentioned above
RB- Howard (if I reject) or Mixon (if I accept)
Sony Michel as RB2
Flex - TreQ, Smallwood, +free WW spot/bye week cover to be filled (currently Hooper). If I reject this is Boyd/MJJ
Greg Z
D= Streaming thru playoffs

What does anyone think? This is getting tougher. I like Mixons playoff schedule too, do I worry about Gio or AJs injury affecting the offense’s mojo?
I now have Boyd who will either excel as WR1 for 2 weeks or crumble over top CB talent. MJJ is the new #1. Howard has Cohen to worry about, but on last NFL mic’d up Nagy told Howard he would get him more carries and since then he’s delivered 2 solid games…

I just don’t know.


Re: Mixon. I wouldn’t worry about him with Green out. He’s game script proof pretty much. He will get catches if they are down. You won’t get that with a guy like Chubb. Only risk you might run with Mixon is if they get boat raced to the point they take guys out. That’s not happening very often.


Take this trade. Giving up Howard to get mixon is a huge win.


I countered one last time for MVS and John Ross with Mixon for Howard, Boyd, and MJJ and it was accepted.

I figure MVS and TreQuan (now after Dez injury news) can fight for my flex spot–though having Davante and MVS is not great, but their QB IS great so maybe it isn’t so bad.

Now my long 10wk saga for a catching- RB upgrade has finally come to an end just before the trade deadline. Thanks footclan for the advice!