Trade Help! Nick Chubb?

A guy in my league keeps inquiring after Chubb. He is hurting for quality RBs. He has Hopkins and J. Jones, but I know he won’t trade them away, at least not cheap. What offer do I make, or do I just sit steady with my team? I’m fairly content and currently 3-0. Our RBs and WRs are below. Full point PPR, 1RB, 2WR, 2Flex. Thanks!

RBs: CMC, Chubb, Bell, Breida, Gore
WRs: Lockett, Golladay, Kirk, DJax, M. Williams, Hardman, Dorsett

RBs: White, D. Freeman, Montgomery, Damien Williams, R. Freeman, Burkhead
WRs: Jones, Hopkins, A. Robinson,

I don’t think you need to trade but if you do you’re getting Julio or Hopkins.
Did a trade last week. Received Chubb And mclaurin For I gave up Hopkins and John Brown.

You could offer Chubb and one of those WRs that you like the least. No reason for you to trade if you aren’t getting Hopkins or Julio

I would make him give you his best offer. If he wants Chubb that bad, make him jump for him. You don’t necessarily need the trade, he does.

Try to throw in Hardman. He’s a good addition as of now. Hill should be back soon

Thanks for the input! Yeah, right now he says he’ll trade me Hopkins for Chubb+Lockett. Even with Hunt coming back later this season can’t see me pulling the trigger on that trade.

Personally I’d be down to let Golladay and Chubb go for Hopkins and maybe Monty. Tbh he’s the one that has no leverage with the RBs and you’ve got WRs that aren’t top tier but ones that are getting loads of targets and can breakout.

Don’t trade bro - your roster is well balanced.