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Trade help obj


I was offered OBJ for DT and Hyde from the Spencer Ware owner. My team as of now is below. Should I accept the trade and risk it with those RBs in a .5 PPR league?

RB Fournette
RB Hyde
RB Woodhead
RB Coleman
RB Riddick
RB Duke Johnson
WR AJ Green
WR Diggs
WR Tyreke Hill


I don’t think your rb depth can withstand that trade.


I personally do think your RB depth will be fine, as long as fournette puts up high rb2/borderline rb1 numbers. I like Coleman/Riddick/Duke and your WRs would be amazing. There are always RBs that pop up on waivers, as well, I would take the slight risk for the big reward and hope to get a good RB of waivers as the season gets rolling.


Id take the trade. Your RBs will be just fine and I dont trust Hyde for a whole season anyway.


Very close for me. I don’t love any of your other running backs you’d have to rely on if you get rid of Hyde. But I also don’t love Hyde that much…

If you want to swing for the fences I would do it and hope one of your other running backs pans out, or you can trade for one / hit the waiver wire