Trade help - Overpaying?

Rudolph + K Cole to get Engram or Burton, who both interest me more. I’m pretty solid at WR, and they could each use another guy.
Would I be overpaying?

With Rudolph getting a TD last week and Engram and Burton throwing up duds, I would offer Rudolph straight up for one of them and see if you get a bite, then go from there. Personally I’m okay keeping Rudolph though.

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Cool, thanks. I didn’t like the split target share with other TEs and I don’t have a feel for him with Cousins yet.

Understandable. I like Engram probably the most from a target standpoint, but he just needs to learn to catch the ball when it hits his hands. :roll_eyes:

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I’d make that trade for Engram for sure. Burton and Rudolph are more washes for me.

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Cole included in the trade?

Yes including cole.