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Trade Help - Parker for Duke Johnson?


I don’t really have any RB depth outside my starting 3 but with a hot start i’m looking to just secure myself incase of injury. Currently have 5 decent WRs (watkins, parker, benjamin, diggs, and hopkins). Would it be dumb to trade Parker for Duke Johnson? Is there more value I can get for him? (note 1 guy has like 6 rbs and the rest of the league is a wasteland but he’s 1-3)


Seems like an ok trade to me. You may be able to get more, but probably not a ton. Not sure how many people are going to be buying Dolphins after the past 2 games.


Thanks. ended up doing it. Was just nervous cuz i have a good wr core but it’s good dependent on constant rotation.


If it’s PPR I would definitely go get him.